manWebeXplorer is a software which can be used to access your docs from anywhere, with any browser. It can be used to share documents and folders with your teams.  Your data is secure in your servers, not across the continent in a third party server.


  • Access your docs from anywhere, with any browser.
  • Most common formats previews: Through it, users can preview and edit common file types online without downloading them to their machines. If the file is unsupported, the file will be downloaded for editing.
  • Share files or folders with internal or external users.
  • Create public workspaces to publish document lists.
  • Open source security model.
  • Users & groups mapped directly from an LDAP/AD.
  • Install workspace on your servers or cloud platform of choice.
  • Share documents and folders with your teams.
  • Administrate your box with an enterprise-grade console (rights, groups, plugins).
  • Access documents with a Web GUI.
  • It looks and feels like a standard file browser.
  • In this you can share a file/image with a user and give them a direct URL to access the same.
  • We can also define the no of days, no of downloads, set password etc. for the download.
  • After creating all of the workspace you need, you can go back to roles and assign workspace to roles. Then, you can assign roles to users.