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The GNU General Public License governs Linux, a free and open-source operating system (OS) (GPL). It is the world’s biggest open source software project. Like Windows, Linux is an operating system. Linus Torvalds created Mac OS X in 1991. The operating system serves as the conduit between software and hardware. It controls computer hardware and offers services for applications. Linux began as a simple operating system. It evolved into platform for running servers, embedded devices, and desktop computers.

What is Open Source ?

The phrase open source was first used to describe free and open-source software (OSS). Code intended to be publicly accessible is known as open source software. Viewers can view, alter and distribute the code as they see appropriate.


For collaborative development of open source software, peer review and community production are used. Because it is created by communities rather than a single author or business, open source software is frequently less expensive, more adaptable, and more durable than its proprietary counterparts. Open source has developed into a movement and a method of operation that goes beyond the development of software. The open source movement looks for novel methods to address issues in their communities and industries by drawing on the principles and model of open source software.

IP PBX Dubai Provides :

IP PBX Dubai provides Communications Solutions for growing small and medium-sized businesses. We collaborate with the customer in mind, and our solutions are designed to make TELEPHONE SYSTEM / IP PBX deployments simple while also providing you with features that will help your business grow. It provides IP PBX and IP communications platforms from various brands, and our sales engineers ensure that they are tailored to your needs. Our top priority is to ensure your success. Corporation is small or large our company provides a comprehensive set of support services. To ensure that our telephony solution exceeds your expectations. We understand that your company is nothing if not serious. We offer you the posh of choice in telephone products. [AVAYA, PANASONIC, NEC, DLINK, CISCO, YEASTAR, POLYCOM, RTX, SAMSUNG, SIEMENS, YEASTAR, POLYCOM, RTX, SAMSUNG, SIEMENS, YEASTAR, POLYCOM, RTX, SAMSUNG,SIEMENS, PLANTRONICS, GRANDSTREAM]

Service and Supports

Our technical support is backed by our knowledge of installing and offering commercial, enterprise-grade telephony support. Support service level agreements that range from business hours to 24 hours a day, seven days a week for those who require round-the-clock coverage service packs that guarantee your telephone system is always up to date installation services that increase productivity.

Cloud Servers Dubai Specifications :

A cloud is a form of remote server that you access online and is typically located in data centers. Instead of owning the server, you are renting the server space. A local (regular) server is one that you really purchase, own, and keep on your premises.
  •  Upkeep and upgrades
  •  Storage area that is easily adjustable
  •  Remotely stored data
  • wherever there is an internet connection
The fact that the cloud provider takes care of all maintenance and upgrades is the first benefit of using a cloud. You now have one less issue to be concerned about. It is also simple to increase or decrease the cloud’s storage capacity. Therefore, you are only paying for what you actually need. Additionally, the data is never kept on your computer and is always stored remotely, so it does not take up space that is not required. Your data will be secure in the cloud even if there are technical difficulties on-site. The ability to access data stored in the cloud from any location with an internet connection is a last benefit.
  • Access to data is not possible without the internet
  • Removing data from the cloud

Best VPN in Dubai ?

Understanding how developers gather and share your data is the first step toward safety. Depending on your use, geography, and age, data privacy and security standards may change. Dubai VPN is a free, unrestricted VPN (Virtual Private Network) proxy and perfect for Android System. You can surf the Internet anonymously and securely with no settings required by simply pressing the button, allowing you to safely access any banned content. Dubai VPN is a crucial tool for maintaining the security and safety of the Internet. Oko VPN encrypts all of your traffic. It safeguards your identity and privacy and enables you to browse the web anonymously without worrying about being followed by hackers or other trackers. Additionally, it unblocks all geo-restricted services and content. Potato VPN offers a variety of protocols. Enjoy all social networks, video streaming, music, gaming, and sports right now by connecting to Potato VPN. It uses 256-bit encryption and multiple layers of high-security encryption to protect your internet data. Stay anonymous online by hiding your IP address. Atlas VPN is a user-friendly VPN for private, safe, and anonymous web browsing. It’s one of the greatest free location or IP address changers available because it uses the Wire Guard protocol and proxy servers in more than 44 different countries for a very safe online experience. Fast VPN Pro is the most expert, lightning-fast VPN that offers consistently fantastic service to Android users along with a top-notch Wi-Fi hotspot feature! It will offer quick, limitless access to the worldwide network while maintaining your privacy. It has a new intelligent routing system that makes it faster and easier for you to access foreign websites or applications. Avast Secure Line VPN Proxy is an essential android security and privacy app is , which offers UNLIMITED, VERY FAST, ANONYMOUS, and SECURE VPN Proxy services. Access blocked websites and apps with ease, browse invisibly, stay secure, and take care of yourself when using public WiFi stations. With 435 million users protected globally, Avast is one of the most dependable VPN Proxy security and privacy apps available.                                                    

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