IP Technics is based in Dubai and serves clients in the Middle East Region. We provide affordable technology  Read more

WebeXplorer is a software which can be used to access your docs from anywhere, with any browser.   Read more

Multi-platform Enterprise Solutions and Support : Linux / UNIX / Windows

We are uniquely positioned to serve the Heterogeneous Enterprise Infrastructure environments: Linux, UNIX and Windows for interoperability in order to achieve IT goals.

Our experience in deploying cutting edge open source technologies in the regional enterprises and support of various Linux and UNIX flavors serves us perfect to assist our clients to go for the right mix of technologies for simpler overview and management of entire infrastructure.

Multi-domain experience and expertise gives us the valuable edge over other IT players in the market, to advise our clients with justified IT investment, in right areas at the right time.

Our cloud facilities allow time and cost savings to our clients to seamlessly utilize cloud technologies for remote data backups and Disaster Recovery Solutions for Business Continuity purpose.

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Experience in the installation, configuration, and deployment of Linux/Unix servers and server application

Wide range of domain expertise in the core areas of networking, Unix flavors, communication, cloud computing, and security technologies helps our clients optimize their IT infrastructures and achieve their business goals. Read more

We help organizations to reduce cost of IT implementation by making use of industry standard Read more

Infrastructure Solutions

IP Technics specializes in designing the right mix of hardware and software, to ensure optimal investment and high ROI for our clients. We act as Technology enablers for our clients to run their business-critical application, protect their data and IT assets. IP technics prefers to be a Procustomer Solution oriented organization in lieu of being a vendor-focused or product-focused organization.

Network & Security Solutions

In today’s ultra-competitive market-place, success of businesses often depends on the connectivity of the corporate network and the continuous ability of end users within the organization to work from anywhere. IP Technics provides Data and Network Security appliances and software solutions from leading vendors as well as Open Source  Read more

Telephony and Call Center Solutions

Use of Efficient technologies for high-quality communication within the organization and between their suppliers and customers spread across global landscape in an economical manner has gained critical importance. Meeting growth requirements and budget constraints at the same time can be a daunting task. Getting Read more


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IP Technics LLC

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