Who we are

- Who we are -

IP Technics is a Linux and Open Source Solution provider focussing on realistic and high performance solutions for our clients.

Established in 2009, our support ranges from small businesses to large enterprises and NGOs in many capacities. We are based in Dubai , but operate nationwide and internationally. We are a single source hub for all your technological requirements and we keep things running.

IP Technics democratizes access to high end open source technology. Our Open Source solutions provide you with the ability to implement your new strategies in moments, even while you reduce your infrastructure costs.

 Actively involved in the community and industry for over 5 years, we were the first company to implement open source cloud in the Middle East, the first of its kind in UAE back in 2009. In this regard, IP Technics is often the “backstage talent” for larger consultancies.

What keeps us apart from the rest of the open source companies is our extensive knowledge of Microsoft platforms coupled with Open Source software integration. This expertise helps us in mapping the right technology for a given scenario and thereby providing you with the best solution.

Hence we call ourselves platform agnostic. We strive to use the best solution every time, and after years of ongoing research & development, we practice what we preach, and we know what works. As a result, our time is some of the best value available in our industry.

IP Technics’ consultants have more than 60 years of combined experience in information-technology services. We have extensive expertise in network and systems administration, security and server management. IP Technics’ IT professionals can also assist you with making future technology purchases to ensure that  you are buying the right tool for the job and also help you train your staff so that your assets are properly implemented and utilized.  And because we are vendor neutral, we are not tied to any specific technology or business. This allows us to offer you the best-of-breed solutions to your organization. Above all, we value earning the trust of our customers.