IT Infrastructure

- IT Infrastructure development -

In any organization productivity is directly depended on technology. IT services has to be reliable and need to assess whether the resources are utilized in the most efficient manner.

Outsourcing of network operations, infrastructure implementation is a strategy for keeping IT reliable and efficient. IP Technics provide efficient, economical and innovative IT Infrastructure services for our clients based on the most advanced technologies. We cater to client requirements based on diverse network structure and technologies. This helps our client to focus on building on their own business strategies rather than diverting.

Our offerings include:

  • IT Infrastructure Management Services: Enterprise Computing Services, Network, and Voice & Security Services
  • Structured Backbone: Networking of power, voice-fax, data, and access control system
  • End User Computing Services: IT Help Desk Services

Active networking components and backbone equipments setup server, workstations, telecom, UPS, security systems, control systems and other office automation types installation, commissioning and configuration setup, Integration of IT, Telecom and Building management setup on uni-backbone; Convergence of infrastructure facilities Network Monitoring, Maintenance/Service Agreements.