Virtualisation & Cloud

Virtualisation & Cloud

As one of the first IT infrastructure providers in UAE to explore the cloud technology, and to set up robust and secure cloud infrastructure and partnerships, IP Technics is the cloud service provider of choice for you.

Virtualization and cloud
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As one of the first IT infrastructure providers in UAE to explore the cloud technology, and to set up robust and secure cloud infrastructure and partnerships, IP Technics is the cloud service provider of choice for you. All businesses today need to aim for cost reduction and increase their operational efficiency. At the same time, they must find ways of becoming more agile and innovative. They must stay tuned in to the market and respond to changes with speed.

In addition, IT is becoming more complex. If not managed well, rather than supporting the business, it can often become a drain on resources, pulling staff away from higher value tasks like product innovation towards lower value tasks like the maintenance of existing infrastructure. You need an IT infrastructure that can truly support your business, help you respond effectively to the demands of the market, and drive future growth. The answer lies in virtualization. Virtualization of your IT infrastructure offers greater efficiency and better performance. It increases resource availability and gives you the agility you have always needed in your business. With IP Technics’ virtualization solutions, you can save on your overall IT costs and respond to the market faster. You get higher efficiency, better resource utilization, improved productivity, increased adaptability, and more.

IP Technics’ virtualization solutions help simplify the complexity of IT, and ensure superior performance of your infrastructure.

The cloud isn’t for everybody, but there are some compelling features of the cloud that every organization can benefit from. We identify these with you and map a plan to get you from your current state to your desired end-goal. From start to finish you’ll be dealing with IP Technics engineers and consultants who understand the risks and complexities associated with large-scale virtualization projects. Our strategy is based on a proven three phased approach; Assessment, Architecture, and Implementation.

The goals of the strategy are as follows:

Reduced facilities costs:

IP Technics understands the impact that moving to a virtual or cloud infrastructure has on your facilities. We quantify the savings and explain exactly how your future power and cooling, rack, and support requirements will change throughout your journey.

Reduced computer hardware costs:

Hardware procurement savings can be realized once a standardized platform has been chosen. Mappings of workloads to hardware are developed as part of the strategy to ensure that ‘procuring before provisioning’ does not occur. We understand which workloads are ideal for the public cloud and which should be kept in-house.

Reduced software costs:

In addition to the savings achieved by reducing the number of servers, further savings may be possible by using a capacity on demand model where you share your load onto a public cloud. Growing your caching farm only when required may reduce the total number of licenses required.

Improved provisioning processes:

When introducing virtualization as the platform for x86 servers, IT admins now have the ability to “create” servers with the click of a mouse. This flexibility wreaks havoc on storage systems and adds to the CPU and Memory capacity required to run all those virtual servers. We’ll work with your organization to ensure the proper processes and procedures are in place to avoid “Virtual Server Sprawl”.

Increased Service Levels and Availability:

Share pools of resources can improve SLAs and availability, provided the systems are architect with availability in mind. Scalar will work to ensure that systems which require increase availability will be taken into consideration during the architecture phase. We will then help you determine if you need your own disaster recovery solution or if you can leverage a cloud based offering.

Reduced staffing costs:

Using dashboard-like management interfaces, a single administrator will now have a much broader view of the servers s/he is responsible for. These management interfaces give the ability to monitor many systems, and only be notified when a system is acting outside of its “desired norm”. This will allow your organization the opportunity to repurpose or reduce staffing costs.

IP Technics  is a leader in the field of enterprise-class  cloud virtualization solutions which provide mission critical solidity for  server platforms and virtual data center roll-out. Rapid Elasticity in a live  environment is crucial for today’s business cloud computing environment and  IP Technics provides the best technologies for the implementation of  virtualized business systems on a global scale.Our proven consolidation methodology and approach will provide your organization with an offering that introduces current technologies, mitigates risk, and ensure success.