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As a SUSE partner, IP Technics LLC provides complete Solutions and Services based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

SUSE, a pioneer in Open Source software, provides reliable interoperable Linux and cloud infrastructure solutions that help enterprises increase agility, manage complexity and reduce costs.

SUSE has won the crown for the third time straight at OpenStack summit (Who rules the stack; Vancouver B.C.)

SAP SE gets 99.999% availability with SUSE

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12: Advanced Foundation for Enterprise Computing


With Linux you get the same reliability and availability as UNIX at a greatly reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) SUSE Linux Enterprise eliminates the need to purchase proprietary UNIX servers, letting you fill data centers with COMMODITY platforms instead.

SUSE Linux Enterprise 12

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server For Enterprise Data Centers

IP Technics provides complete professional services for implementation of SUSE Linux on Data Center Server hardware in Physical / Virtual environments. We also provide Migration services from UNIX / Microsoft Windows platforms to SUSE Linux as required.

SUSE for Desktops / Laptop users

IP Technics provides customers who want to migrate from MS Windows to SUSE Linux for network users

SUSE is widely supported by all the leading servers and storage manufacturers and certified on their hardware for high-performance enterprise computing

The fastest supercomputers in the world use Linux as an operating system. IBM Watson is no different. IBM Watson is a cluster of commercially available Power 750 servers that any client can purchase today. The power behind Watson lies in IBM’s DeepQA software running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 on 10 racks of IBM Power 750 servers.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is the fastest operating system on IBM POWER7® based on recent SPEC benchmarks. This makes it a natural choice of operating system for IBM’s DeepQA software that powers Watson.

SAP applications have always required high performance and the highest levels of reliability. Now the performance and reliability of servers featuring the latest generation of Intel Xeon processors and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server have caught up with, and in many cases surpassed, traditional UNIX/RISC based servers at significantly lower costs.

Migrating SAP applications, from Itanium/HP-UX to IBM Flex System/SUSE Linux Enterprise Server can provide tremendous opportunity for reducing energy consumption, shrinking your data center footprint and lowering operational costs.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server provides a scalable, open-source foundation for secure enterprise computing on HPE infrastructure, which dynamically aligns pools of resources with laser precision to deliver the right compute for the right workload, at the right economics… every time.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) fully supports, certifies, and sells SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for HP ProLiant and HP BladeSystem servers around the world

Developed and tested in partnership between SUSE and HP, HP Integrity Superdome X Installation Kits
for SUSE Linux Enterprise are designed to deliver optimal compatibility, functionality and performance running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on HP Integrity Superdome X servers.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is a Dell Tier 1 operating system and is validated on all PowerEdge servers and is the only Linux platform supported on Dell’s public cloud offering.

The Dell SUSE OpenStack Cloud Solution, Powered by OpenStack, helps organizations rapidly deploy and easily manage open source private clouds. Built using SUSE OpenStack Cloud, the first enterprise ready, OpenStack-based private cloud offering, this solution is a certified, jointly deployed and jointly supported private cloud solution for today’s enterprise.