Cross Platform Migration

Cross Platform Migration

 IP Technics believe that each platforms has its own strength and weakness. And we help you choose the one which best suits you, without being biased to any.

The technology and platforms available to us today exceed anything that was possible even as recently as 5 years ago. There hasn’t really been a sea change like that in our ability to envision things the way we can do now since the time computers were introduced. But that doesn’t mean you have to latch onto the newest platform out there. In fact, you definitely shouldn’t. You should do what works best for your business. But you can find countless examples of Enterprises flocking to deploy latest and greatest without first considering whether it’s right for them. Staying platform agnostic, and making sure you do what’s best for your business, you’ll already be one step ahead of those businesses who are fixated on just deploying the latest platform regardless of suitability. You don’t have to ignore or avoid emerging new platforms. If anything, staying platform agnostic gives you the freedom to explore more freely and test more rigorously than if you were wearing blinkers put in place by fascination with an existing service. We, at IP Technics believe that each platforms has its own strength and weakness. And we help you choose the one which best suits you, without being biased to any.

When we use the term platform agnostic to describe ourselves, we’re referring to our belief that our clients have different needs according to their service or product, and while one platform or code base might work for one client, it might not work for another. We have the skills to build in the platform that will best suit your business. Because consulting is such a central part of the way we operate, we take the time to dive into our clients’ needs before recommending a platform. Your business might be best served with Microsoft Platform. Your e-commerce site might do better on Linux. Or maybe a FreeBSD based firewall is exactly what your organization needs.

Some IT companies are one-trick ponies, and they do that one trick impeccably. However, if you go to those IT shops they aren’t going to tell you if your site needs a platform other than the one they are specialised in. Instead, they’ll push you toward the one solution they offer, even if it doesn’t actually meet your needs. That way of operating does a disservice to customers, even if it does a great service to their bottom line. We want to set our clients up for success, taking their strong businesses and great ideas and making them better in a way that’s practical, interesting, and converts well.

Linux is incredibly popular right now with companies of all sizes, but there is always the chance that another  platform will come along to take its place, or the cloud will replace everything together, in a not too distant future. For us this is exciting because it gives us the opportunity to constantly learn and grow as a company, and it provides our clients and potential clients with more flexibility.

To sum up, IP Technics calls ourselves platform agnostic because we believe that there isn’t one platform that can cover everybody’s needs equally. We choose one that makes sense for you.

Windows to Linux Migration

The reasons for migrating from Windows to Linux are compelling: greater stability and reliability, lower cost, access to application source code, greater security, and conformity with open standards, according to numerous independent studies. Reducing costs can be another driving factor in the decision-making process, and Linux is one means to that end.

But for those charged with spearheading the actual migration, the project may seem difficult, unwieldy, or untenable. IP Technics can help to make the transition smoother and non-disruptive. We can help you choose the right approach by doing the following.

Some of the areas where we can provide our services include

While it is surprising that companies do opt to migrate from Linux to Windows, the reality is that it happens not necessarily due to problems related to Linux as an OS, but due to several other factors like application availability, mergers and acquisitions etc. Whatever may be the reason, the task remains one of the most challenging. We, at IP Technics can guide you through the process without having any down time at all. Following are some of the service we provides.

Linux to Windows Migration