Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup & Disaster Recovery

IP Technics has first-hand experience of the superior performance, ease of deployment, management and troubleshooting for the complete suite of Arcserve software solutions, through numerous deployments within the region.

IP Technics has been supporting various clients in the region over almost a whole decade

Centralized Automated Scheduled On-line data backups  |  High-Availability, for Data, databases and Applications, through Replication and Fail-over solutions  |  Site Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions  |  IP Technics have been providing various software products from various vendors such as ArcServe, Veeam, and Symantec etc. based on technical performance and feature requirements as well as client standardization policies.

Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP) Software Solution

IP Technics have found certain unique advantages in Arcserve UDP product from:

Arcserve scores in all the areas to protect business critical information and make it available any time as the businesses and enterprises require:

1. Software – On-premise Backup-to-Disk

IP Technics have found certain unique advantages in Arcserve UDP product from the point of view of

2. Appliance – Complete bundle
3. Cloud

With almost everyone looking at cloud-hosted primary or secondary infrastructure, Arcserve provided cloud-based backup and availability solutions

4. Tape Backup

Having pioneered some of the best software technologies for tape backup, Arcserve has the solution for any tape-based backup for on-site or off-site data availability purpose. All the top tape hardware vendors have certified and endorsed Arcserve for their hardware for high performance tape-backups

5. High Availability