Asterisk IP PBX

Asterisk IP PBX

IP Technics is one of the leading Asterisk Consultants throughout the GCC and Middle East that can offer the broadest possible knowledge and in-depth expertise within Asterisk and VoIP systems designs. IP Technics is at the forefront of small to very large deployments, from relatively simple to architecturally complex projects.

Innovative communication devices based on Asterisk

IP Technics IP PBX is a complete telephony system based on Asterisk that includes advanced communication features, hassle-free scalability and robustness that all enterprises seek. The Nx PBX is also able to connect to traditional PSTN lines via an optional interface – so upgrading day-to-day business communication to this most advanced voice and data network is a breeze! Investing in an IP PBX makes a lot of sense, not only for new companies buying a phone system, but also for companies who already have a PBX.

Cutting Edge IP PBX based on Asterisk

An IP PBX delivers such significant savings in management, maintenance, and ongoing call costs, that upgrading to an IP PBX, should be the obvious choice for any company

  • Automated attendant
  • Call recording & retrieval
  • Call detail records
  • Call routing (DID & ANI)
  • Call snooping
  • Call transfer
  • Conference bridging
  • Interactive voice response (IVR)
  • Voicemail
  • Call forward on busy
  • Call forward on no answer
  • Call forward variable
  • Call monitoring
  • Call parking
  • Do not disturb
  • Music on hold
  • Caller ID blocking
  • Caller ID on call waiting
  • Direct inward system access
  • Route by caller ID
  • Three-way calling
  • VoIP gateways
  • Interactive directory listing
  • Remote call pick up
  • Remote office support
  • Roaming extensions