Dedicated and VPS Servers

Dedicated and VPS Servers

We partner with leading providers of dedicated hosting solutions to clients who need extra performance and 24×7 server support.

We can help you to select a suitable managed hosting partner and help install and configure your server as required.


The hosting environment

Depending on your requirements we can provide you with a managed dedicated physical or Virtual server. Both server types are covered by the same managed level of support and SLA.

Physical server

If cost is not a barrier and you are expecting a high load on the server in terms of amount of users uploading and downloading derivatives of images and video’s, thus performing many conversions of original files, this is the server type for you.

Server configurations are fully customizable but at a minimum consist of:

Supported Operating Systems

We use fully scalable, reliable, and responsive Servers. Each Cloud Server is assigned a minimum of 2 virtual cores. All VPS Servers receive a guaranteed minimum amount of CPU cycles with the bility to burst when excess cycles are available.

Available server configurations:

Supported Operating Systems:

Virtual server
Dedicated and VPS server