Docker is known as one of the most popular infrastructure technologies and has consistently been adopted by enterprises globally, since the past few years.

Making it the top choice of most enterprises’ to improve packaging and shipping of their applications. Docker offers an integrated technology suite which provides an open source engine to pack, ship, and run any distributed application as a lightweight, portable container that runs virtually anywhere, with almost zero overhead. The infrastructure technology is a part of many key enterprises today, also earning recognition from large software vendors such as Microsoft and Google.

Enterprises using Docker Containers-as-a-Service platform, which most widely use images include Registry, NGINX, MongoDB, Postgres, Elasticsearch, and Redis.

Docker’s Containers as a Service (CaaS) offers:​

Agility, where the developers have the freedom to define environments, create and deploy applications quicker, and flexibility for IT ops to quickly respond to change Control, where developers can own all the code from infrastructure to app, and the manage IT Ops to standardize, secure and scale the operating environment. Portability, where it gives you choice without complexity, from a laptop to a team, to private infrastructure and public cloud providers.

Some of the main use cases of Docker include:

Continuous Integration/Continuous Development – Enables developers to not only code their applications but also test their applications with more agility

DevOps – Dissolves the barriers existing between Dev and Ops teams to improve the app development process

Big Data – Allows portability of unstructured data across enterprises to leverage big data analytics

Infrastructure Optimization – Decreases costs by enabling movement of workloads through Cloud portability and increases its efficiency


Key Features

Docker Datacenter infrastructure and Implementation

IP Technics has a proven track record in meeting the diverse needs of enterprise’s IT infrastructure by delivering solutions, the open source way. We have helped enterprises with Docker subscriptions, consulting and architecting for Docker Datacenter infrastructure and Implementation of Docker Data centre.

IP Technics’s demonstration with integration capabilities of Docker with other open source technologies and infrastructures makes us the 1st Docker partner in Middle East. We are committed to bringing the Docker Suite and its allied professional services to this region.