Asterisk IP Telephony by IP Technics:

Pioneering Communication Transformation in UAE and the Middle East

IP telephony

From its strategic base in the cosmopolitan heart of Dubai, IP Technics is championing the new age of digital communication throughout the UAE and the broader Middle East. Our adoption and expertise in Asterisk's open-source IP telephony solutions are setting the gold standard. IP Technics isn’t just another tech entity; we're a beacon of progress, driving businesses from the skyscrapers of Dubai to the business hubs of Beirut into the future. Here’s why entities across this dynamic region are entrusting IP Technics with their communication metamorphosis.

IP Technics' Drive to Unify Telephony Across the Middle East

As the business landscape evolves, spanning emirates and nations, unified communication is no longer a luxury; it's a necessity. With IP Technics and our Asterisk solutions, enterprises experience:

IP Technics' Blueprint:

Transitioning from Legacy Systems to Modern IP Telephony

In the heart of the history-rich Middle East, transitioning from legacy systems is often a challenging feat. IP Technics simplifies this journey with Asterisk:

Customized Deployment

Whether it’s cloud solutions tailored for a startup in Muscat or an in-house server for an enterprise in Dubai, we've got you covered.

SIP Trunk Mastery

Go global, starting with regional IP Technics facilitates seamless SIP trunk integrations.

In-depth Assessment

We dig deep into your existing telephony setup, tailored to the unique demands of businesses in the Middle East.

Hardware Integration

IP Technics ensures a flawless integration between your current hardware and our Asterisk solutions.

Legacy Data Preservation

We ensure that, in the process of transition, no critical data is left behind or compromised.

Middle East-Grade Quality Assurance

Our systems are rigorously tested to match the region's stringent business communication standards.

Legacy Hardware? IP Technics has it Covered

With IP Technics’ expertise, even businesses rooted in tradition don't get left behind

  • Cisco Revival: IP Technics specializes in reincarnating legacy Cisco phones into the Asterisk ecosystem using SIP firmware.
  • PRI Integration Mastery: We seamlessly blend legacy telephony systems into the Asterisk framework using PRI-to-PRI connections, ensuring you get the best of both worlds.

Some of the services offered by IP Technics include:

From Abu Dhabi’s commercial centers to Amman’s bustling markets, IP Technics is reimagining the communication fabric of the Middle East with Asterisk IP Telephony. As the region stands at the crossroads of tradition and modernity, IP Technics promises to be the guiding light leading businesses into the digital communication future.