Zimbra Mail Services by IP Technics

Efficient and secure email communication is essential for businesses seeking a competitive edge. At the helm of this domain, IP Technics offers unmatched Zimbra Mail Server solutions. From seamless installation and migration to steadfast maintenance, we're dedicated to fortifying your business's digital communication capabilities.

IP Technics: Your Zimbra Specialist

The Zimbra Advantage

Zimbra, renowned for its comprehensive open-source email and collaboration suite, is the preferred choice for forward-thinking enterprises. Here’s why:

All-in-One Collaboration

Zimbra encompasses a suite of tools, including calendars, tasks, and an advanced contact system.

Robust Security

Equipped with defenses against threats like phishing, spam, and malware.


Perfectly suited for both nimble startups and expansive enterprises.


Being open-source, Zimbra offers a budget-friendly alternative to premium platforms.

End-to-End Zimbra Solutions:

IP Technics provides migration from proprietary and older open source messaging platforms to Zimbra. Compare features between Zimbra Collaborative Suite for Microsoft Exchange.