Open Source | Linux | Cloud Computing

Focus -

Open source | Linux | Cloud Computing : Public | Private | Hybrid Cloud

We are uniquely positioned to help Enterprises sail thru the digital disruption: Vendor neutral and expertise in open source and proprietary software.

Expertise -

IT Infrastructure, Telephony & Cloud 

Wide range of domain expertise in the core areas of networking, Linux flavors, communication, cloud computing, and security technologies

Offering -

Enterprise grade open source solutions for digital transformation

We help organizations to reduce cost of IT implementation by making use of industry standard open source solutions

Our support team work together,

helping you stay Ahead Of your Competition

In a digital world, we help you implement cutting edge technologies, in a way that’s relevant to your business.

Infrastructure Solutions

IP Technics specializes in designing the right mix of hardware and software, to ensure optimal investment

Network & Security Solutions

In today’s ultra-competitive market-place, success of businesses often depends on the connectivity of the corporate network

Telephony and Call Center Solutions

Use of Efficient technologies for high-quality communication within the organization and between their suppliers

What Makes IP Technics Stand

Out Is the Extensive Expertise on both Open Source & Proprietary Solutions!


Professionals who think laterally

We always look at a problem in a fresh way and come up with a new solution.

We use technology to solve real business problems. We were born digital. We don’t just adapt, we thrive on change.

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